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Best Things To Do When In Santa Maria

Best Things To Do When In Santa Maria

A beautiful city Santa Maria is located in the Coastal regions of California and is home to beautiful landscapes and historic wineries. These locations have become the primary reason for the city’s popularity and attract visitors worldwide.

This article highlights the best things to do when you’re in Santa Maria for your next vacation.

Rancho Sisquoc Winery

Since the land has a rich history of wine in the region, you ought to start by taking a stroll down the rolling hills filled with lush green pastures. They have beautiful picnic grounds that invite family and friends to bask in the sun. But, of course, they also have wine wasting to accompany your picnic basket.

Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum

Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum

This museum is dedicated to inspiring the youth by providing ideas on the space, safe environmental processes, etc. Moreover, different programs take place in the museum daily, which is meant to impart knowledge to the young minds.


PCPA stands for The Pacific Conservatory Theater, located in the city’s center. It is a 50-year-old theater that has witnessed rich cultural literacy that has directly or indirectly, also improved the lives of people involved in theater. If you’re interested in theater, you can enroll in one or more of the several acting camps they conduct.

Foxen Canyon Wine Trail

If you want to take a walk along the vineyard, this destination is hand-picked for you! With up to thirty-miles long trail, it is home to the best winemakers in the city. People are welcome to sip at one or all the 13 wineries along the path.

Los Flores Ranch Park

The park is an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience the city’s natural side. It is open on all days and educates and encourages people about land preservation and environmental subjects. They also offer recreational activities to all its visitors, including regional hikes. In addition, there are animals like donkeys, goats, and horses that you can play with while enjoying the place’s surroundings.

Santa MariaFairpark

Santa MariaFairpark

It is like a music festival at this location throughout the year, inviting visitors to their events. It is primarily a country fair that invites people from around the world and is introduced in 1891. A multi-purpose community gathering helps the fair yearly to promote their rich agricultural practices and many more. People mainly enjoy trade shows, concerts, and celebrations during this time.

Central Coast sports arena

This is a great place for you if you’re into skating and other sports. You can have fun skating under laser lights. They also serve delicious meals to their audience to indulge and enjoy

The Shack Paintball field

It is the only paintball field located in Santa Barbara County. Hence people from all over the city visit this place and attract tourists. Due to their polite services, it is loved even by beginners, as they provide a step-by-step guide on how to play the games!

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