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Fun Attractions In Santa Monica That Will Impress You

Fun Attractions in Santa Monica That Will Impress You

The lush spread of Los Angeles really does seem to disappear as shortly afterward you reach Santa Monica because it is encircled on one corner by hills and on the opposite by the shoreline. This beachfront metropolitan area is the epitome of the Southern California postage stamp image and has a distinct allure, such as the pedestrians. Rather, we are here now to assist you in exploring all of Santa Monica’s famous landmarks during that prized, less-crowded glass between early morning traffic and drink specials.

Palisades Park

Palisades Park

It is easy to comprehend how visitors swarm to this oceanfront campground in Santa Monica as you stroll across the palm and lemongrass trails. This park starts running the duration of Santa Monica’s northeast shore with breath-taking panoramas of the ocean and Santa Monica Mountain ranges; this is the image of the Los Angeles shoreline something most individuals have in their minds. It is tucked between the seaside and Underwater Ave. Avoid the tourist attraction and occasionally sketchy) area by the Jetty and thereby head towards the Pacific Palisades-adjacent finish, passing the grand tangible bronze statue at Wilshire and the vibrant totem pole at San Vicente. Do not skip a halt at the Camera Obscura.

Santa Monica State Beach

This expansive shoreline, which stretches the entire route of Santa Monica, is frequently crowded but has a celebratory, holiday-like atmosphere. Most individuals can be found gathered around the renowned Jetty, which is the real aspect. Go for a walk as long as you can to find fairly quiet areas whether you are glancing for a more laid-back atmosphere. The majority of the beachfront is lined with restrooms, bicycle lanes, and compensated carparks.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier, the hub and focus of Santa Monica Beach, is filled with a diverse range of sights. The ancient Looff Hippodrome is home to Pacific Park, a conventional expo with a thrill ride, a giant wheel, numerous funfair tournaments, a conservatory, and a vintage carousel. Additionally, the Pier regularly hosts outdoor entertainment and film happenings that draw a distinct, trendier mass of people to the seafront.

The Muscle Beach

This adult-only workout facility, which should not be confused with its flashier Venetian sibling, has provided Santa Monica’s largest and buffest with a place to exercise out and demonstrate for a millennium. You can watch some incredible gymnasts perform the barbells, imbalanced bars, and circle whacks on Saturdays and Sundays. Despite all the hypermasculinity, everyone is cordial here, so it doesn’t matter whether you decide to participate or just observe.

Santa Monica Pier


McCabe’s is a renowned acoustic store by day, filled to the rafters with uncommon electric guitars and other tools, and it also has a cozy back room in which appearances are managed to hold in a small setting. The venue frequently hosts concerts on Friday nights, Saturday mornings, and Sundays, but it is worth traveling only to admire the many exquisite stringed instruments suspended from the back wall.

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