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First Time In Santa Monica? These Are The Must Visit Places

First Time In Santa Monica? These are the Must Visit Places

Unmistakable enthusiasm can be felt coming from Santa Monica. The ripples that lap at its western edge give it vigor, and the walkable town center, which is alive with exercise long into the evening, gives it a deeply felt enthusiasm. Palisades Park, sitting astride a coastline plain with views of Santa Monica State Beach and the Pacific Coast Highway, is indeed the finest place to soak in the city’s maritime enthusiasm.

Santa Monica Pier

Strolling down the Santa Monica Pier, which functions as the seaside end of Historic Route 66, is a must-do during any trip to the area. Numerous family holidays in Southern California are defined by this family-friendly seafront, which offers rides from amusement parks and expansive beautiful beaches for yards.

Upwards of 3.5 miles of Santa Monica State Beach extend along either side of the well-known Santa Monica Pier. Just under 15 miles from Tinseltown, it ranks among the best beaches in the Los Angeles area, drawing billions of dollars of sunbathers who scattered out their wet wipes on the soil every year.

Santa Monica State Beach North and Santa Monica State Beach South are separated by the Santa Monica Pier. There are different entryways on every side of the beach but both are suitable for sunbathing, constructing castles, and paddleboarding.

At Santa Monica State Beach South, attractions like International Chess Park and Carousel Park are enjoyable to explore. South of the pier is where you’ll find The Original Muscle Beach, which has lots of strength and conditioning gear.

Marvin Brause Bike Trail

Marvin Brause Bike Trail

The entire Santa Monica coastline is covered by the 22-mile Marvin Braude Bike Trail, also recognized as The Strand. It stretches all the way weaker than expected to Torrance County Beach from Will Rogers State Beach, which is located southeast of Santa Monica. And traversing this fine sand area is among the most well-liked tourist activities.

The route is well-liked by bike riders, pedestrians, sprinters, bike riders, and other people without motors. All along increasingly busy parts of the trail, like the Santa Monica waterfront, it is divided into a pedestrian route and a bicycling route. The path undoubtedly sees utilization as it is the town’s busiest walkability route.

The Marvin Braude Bike Path’s duration is what makes it so appealing. Every coast in Santa Monica Bay is connected by the 22-mile route, making it possible to engage in almost any ocean exercise underneath the sun and find places to have a campfire at night. The Strand attaches all of your companions if you’re seeking the best ripples, the most seclusion, or indeed any amount of sand volleyball court system.

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