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Everything To Know About Santa Maria Discovery Museum

Everything to Know About Santa Maria Discovery Museum

Santa Maria is a place of tourist attraction that is home to a plethora of options for kids and adults to enjoy. Apart from the vineyards and the scenic beauty, one of the charming features of this area is the museums, which are not boring and can even attract kids and teens to learn lessons.

If you’re in Santa Maria valley with your kids, you ought to check out the discovery museum’s interactive displays and other wonders. Kids can enjoy the local produce, the ranching life, and the culture behind all the displays in the museum while enjoying the Santa Maria Style Barbecue. It is also vital to know that the museum is as friendly to pets as it is to humans.

The museum also contains a craft room, which kids and adults enjoy. The airflow is also a hit among the museums’ visitors. As the name suggests, it opens many options for people to discover their taste in arts, crafts, and music.

The Discovery Museum is also an excellent place for young kids to get a hands-on experience in different types of arts and crafts. It also includes a dedicated place for rock climbing, which professionals supervise, so your kids and grandkids are safe at the spot. Although some might think the museum is only for little kids, the authorities ensure there is something for everyone, especially for the older kids. Some of the activities include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Art stations
  • Games and other activities
  • Food stations
  • Pretend bank with fake money
  • ATMs with fake money for the children
  • Drive up window and a preset check
  • A pretend restaurant with plastic food
  • Kid-size John Deere tractor for kids to learn sewer works
  • Station for working with magnets
  • Plants and soil that the kids can plant and take home

How to reach Santa Maria discovery museum

The museum is located on S Mc Clelland Street, Santa Maria, United States, and the location is highly accessible to anyone from around the world. The place opens at 12 pm and closes by 4 pm. Hence, it is essential to plan the activities ahead so that you have enough time to enjoy everything inside. People who have visited the museum review that at least 2 hours are required to take a stroll around the place completely. Exploring the social arts and culture depicted in the place is essential.

Almost 95% of the people visit this museum by car, as it is easily accessible. Furthermore, since the Santa Maria Fairpark and PCPA Theaterfest are close to the museum, traveling by car is the best means of transport, allowing you to explore these places.

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