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Best Things To Do In Santa Maria

Best things to do in Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a city in Santa Barbara country. It is undoubtedly a beautiful city attracting tourists from across the world with its off-beats paths, hillsides, beaches, and historic wineries. This coastal city is popularly known for its wineries that have shaped the wine scenes of California and enabled the city to reach its current fame.

One of the significant reasons Santa Maria is famous among travelers worldwide is that it has something to satisfy all travelers’ tastes. There are many places to visit and numerous things to do in this city that will appeal to all tourists, enabling them to build many happy and fun memories.

If you plan to visit Santa Maria, you can look into this list and learn about the top things to do in this coastal city.

Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum

If you visit Santa Maria with your kids, make sure you have added Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum to your itinerary. This non-profit museum is meant to inspire your children, allowing them to explore their imaginations. This 13,000-square-foot facility has 25 exhibits like Moxie Café and a discovery reading tree that will be an excellent experience for your kids. Further, various events will be happening in the museum throughout the week, allowing your kids to taste other cultures and countries.

Foxen Canyon Wine Trail

When you visit Santa Maria, do not forget to walk through the thirty-mile road of the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail. This beautiful vineyard is home to numerous winemakers who focus on promoting different wineries that open an array of world-class wines. You will come across many famous wineries like Rancho Sisquoc winery, Firestone Vineyard, and Andres Murray Vineyards.

Discovery Museum

Pacific Conservatory Theatre-PCPA

If you are into arts, do not miss out on Pacific Conservatory Theatre, also known as PCPA. This performance art theater situated in the heart of Santa Maria is quite famous for its role in breathing life into various art forms, enriching cultural literacy, and enhancing the quality of life involved in arts. The best part of PCPA is that it enables visitors to participate in various events they host. The programs vary from Shakespeare or Peter Pan performances to participating in various internship programs. In addition, if you are interested in acting, they provide some acting guides for aspiring performers and open different acting camps.

Santa Maria Museum of Flight

This museum preserves the memories, documents, and photographs of the city’s aeronautical industry. The travelers will surely enjoy the exhibits and the various events hosted at the museum. One of the most popular events hosted in the museum is The Thunder Over the Valley Air show, which supports veterans.

If you plan to visit Santa Maria with your kid, do not miss your chance on programs like airplane modeling, allowing the kids to construct theirown model plane and paint it according to their imagination.

Do not forget to add these stops to your itinerary to have a fun and memorable time with your family.

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